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Landfill Gas Well Sealing Services – MSG Gas Shield

Doing it better with the MSG Gas Shield

Landfill Gas Well Sealing

The MSG Gas Shield is the new and innovative gas well sealing system to deal with problem wells. Created specifically for landfill gas applications, it addresses the issue of poorly installed and failing Bentonite seals and provides a longer lasting, more robust and reliable seal.

With the Environment Agency ever more watchful, the MSG Gas Shield is a better option for ensuring total compliance.


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    Electrical Engineering Pumping
    Electrical Engineering Pumping


    The MSG Gas Shield System:

    Gives a longer lasting and more effective seal to protect against gas migration / air ingress
    Reduces (and in some cases completely removes) the requirement for ongoing seal maintenance
    Increases customer royalties / revenue due to improved gas quantity & quality for waste to energy generation plants
    Greatly improved compliance with regards to gas migration and odour issues

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