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Rainwater Harvesting Services

RWH (Rainwater Harvesting) Services

RWH (Rainwater Harvesting) Systems

REM Pumping manufactures, installs and services domestic, commercial and industrial Rainwater Harvesting (RWH) systems under our ‘Neptune Aqua’ brand.

We manufacture our own external tanks as well as RWH kiosks complete with pumps, valves, pipework and control under our ‘Neptune Aqua’ brand name. Our RWH systems have been installed in museums, offices, schools, colleges, nursing homes, domestic dwellings and industrial buildings throughout the UK.

We carry our servicing & maintenance too..!

    Electrical Engineering Pumping
    Electrical Engineering Pumping

    Rainwater Harvesting Systems

    Our popular rainwater harvesting education control panels are a handy teaching aid for use in lessons about the environment. Neptune Aqua Ltd is the UK’s leading designer & manufacturer of rainwater harvesting systems for domestic, commercial, education and industry sectors.

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